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Greenhouse Models


This model Greenhouse was developed to meet the growing needs of farmers around the world to produce higher quality crops, thus enhancing the return per hectare.

These high-technology greenhouses are controlled by a computerized system featuring the latest, most up-to-date technology.

The greenhouse is designed to solve ventilation and humidity problems and is especially suited for hot, cold, snowy, and high humidity weather conditions. This is carried out by 1 or 2 R&P openings located in the center of each of the structure arches, which run along the entire length of the roof. These openings allow natural ventilation and release the hot air. This sturdy greenhouse can withstand winds of 120-150 kilometers per hour and can have trellising capability of 35 kilograms per square meter, depending on the different requirements. In temperate climates, a greenhouse constructed of 2″ pipe would be sufficient.

Agricultural uses for oil
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This model Greenhouse presents a number of variations depending on the climate zone and type of crop. Under extreme weather conditions, this model greenhouse constructed of 2“and 3″ galvanized pipes would be the most suitable. For moderate climate conditions, the best choice would a greenhouse constructed of profiles. In comfortable climates, a greenhouse constructed of 2″ pipe would be sufficient.